Why Lithuanian tourists go for medical services to the Grodno University Hospital

Why Lithuanian tourists go for medical services to the Grodno University Hospital

Two thirds of these are from Lithuania.

Last year more than a hundred foreign citizens took the opportunity of visa-free entry to receive medical care at the Grodno University Hospital. 


The most popular is the orthopedic-dental department. Dental prosthetics and implantation in optimal terms are attractive for patients from abroad. Moreover, the services are provided by specialists of a high professional level and at affordable prices. This was confirmed to us in a recent conversation by a guest from Druskininkai. He admitted that he had turned to Belarusian specialists for the first time, at first for a preliminary consultation. However, having visited the head of the department, having studied the price list for paid dental services, he stated with absolute certainty: I will solve the “dental” problem in the Grodno clinic. It turned out that the patient knows firsthand the good results of the work of the Grodno dentists. His friends last year visited Grodno for this purpose and were satisfied.


The so-called word of mouth praises the main clinic of the Grodno region. The list of popular medical services includes not only dentistry. Ophthalmology, neurology, rheumatology, laboratory diagnostics are in demand. Some foreign guests used the opportunity to undergo a quick and high-quality examination using high-tech diagnostic equipment. First of all, they are interested in X-ray computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Complex diagnostic examinations of the body, which can be completed in one to three days, the so-called Check-up diagnosis of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, endocrine and other diseases, are becoming increasingly popular.



- We are pleased to hear flattering reviews about the work of our specialists, says Igor Autko, the head of the paid medical services department. - Such an assessment guarantees good prospects in the development of medical services exports. Moreover, we ourselves work hard to popularize them. Recently, for example, we visited Vilnius at the Adventur 2020 International Exhibition of Tourism and Outdoor Activities. It is considered the largest event for the entire industry in the Baltic States and a convenient platform for the development of international cooperation. In addition to us from Grodno, the exhibition was attended by representatives of the ambulance hospital and the central dental clinic, as well as a number of spa facilities. By the way, we work very closely with health centers. There is no such sanatorium where vacationers, and among them many foreigners, did not have information about the possibilities of diagnosis and treatment in our clinic. 


It is no secret that the export of medical services makes it possible to earn and receive additional funds to improve the material and technical base, and ultimately to improve the capabilities and quality of medical care in every medical institution. In particular, a specialized department has been created at the Grodno University Clinic for which there are three specialized modern equipped rooms: neurological, ophthalmological and acupuncture. The best specialists of the clinic in all other medical and diagnostic profiles also take part in the provision of medical services for export.


Detailed information about all paid services, including their cost, is presented on the website of the Grodno University Hospital. You can contact the facility online for any additional information.

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