Workout twice a day and sports menu. Nearly 140 children rest on their first shift at the youth camp “Yunost”

Workout twice a day and sports menu. Nearly 140 children rest on their first shift at the youth camp “Yunost”

In the summer almost every adult dreams of changing the city scenery to natural ones, and even less children.

Fresh air and bright sunshine, friends nearby, games, relaxation and a whole shift of fun! Going to a children's camp for two and a half weeks - this is how the real summer adventure begins

Organizers took care of the useful and interesting recreation of the children in the children's camp “Youth” near Grodno. The first shift of the guys settled in a comfortable corpus, filled the game and sports grounds


- This summer we have five shifts. Two of them — the first and the fourth — are sports, camp, told Tatyana Keizer, the director, to the GP journalist. Since we are located near the city, the guys have the opportunity to go there with a tour. But life is full to the limit in the camp itself: laser tag competitions, traditional Zarnitsa military-sports games and many other events.


Getting up at eight in the morning, morning exercises and breakfast - this is how a typical day in the camp begins. 139 children from 6 to 14 years old are healed in the first sports shift. There are those who practice taekwondo, there are football players. They live in buildings with trainers and come to the athletic fields twice a day - before and after lunch to improve their skills.


Eight-year-old Arthur Rum has been practicing taekwondo for several years. But he is in the summer camp for children for the first time. There were so many impressions in a couple of days that it would be enough for several evenings of conversations with friends.


- I wanted to go to camp, admits Arthur.“I went there for the first time, so it was very interesting how everything is arranged here, in which room I will live, what we will do here. Of course, I was a little worried - after all, I was leaving for the first time for the whole 18 days! But everything is so cool! Especially here there are guys already familiar to me, and the coach lives with us in the corpus. I loved the food that it is cooked in the camp.

By the way, young athletes have a six-time meal. There are even honey and caviar sandwiches in the menu, which was impressive! The camp has its own workshop, which offers delicious and fresh pastries for the dinner table. Soup is always for lunch. By the way, in the first days the menu is adjusted to the characteristics of each child. If any of the guys are allergic to dairy products or citrus fruits, chocolate - these products are replaced by others.


The guys have almost no free time. Every day educators and teachers prepare entertainment programs in the open air, organize clubs and classes in which children dance, sing, make crafts and even paint with sand. There is a whole studio where real magic takes place in one of the buildings - on the illuminated screen strewn with sand, landscapes and still lifes are born. For four years form of recreation without phones is practiced. Access to smartphones is only available at certain times: the hour of communication is from seven to eight in the evening.


The rooms have new furniture. They also took care of the safety of the children in the camp: there is video surveillance, searchlights with motion sensors, on-site employees of the Oktyabrsky District ROVD are on duty.


A student detachment works in the camp - eight students of the Grodno Pedagogical College. There are among the teachers and those who once came here as a pupil.

In the first four shifts, the guys from Grodno and the Grodno region will come to the camp, and the fifth - the leader one - will bring together pioneers from the whole region.


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