10 most healthy nuts for health

10 most healthy nuts for health

Dozens of studies have scientifically proved that nuts eaten in certain quantities do not make a person fat, but make a significant contribution to improving his health.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, an increase in nut consumption is associated with a lower incidence of inflammatory biomarkers - five servings per week should be consumed. Thus, nuts protect against the development of diseases associated with inflammation - diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular pathologies, dementia.

Which nuts are the most healthy?

Macadamia. This nut has an ideal ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. Their complex makes macadamia super healthy food for the brain.


Peanut. It stands out among nuts for its very high protein content, so it is of particular value to vegetarians and those who are losing weight. A study in China showed that peanuts have a specific anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect that can reduce age-related cognitive decline and senile mental disruption.


Pistachios. They contain the greatest amount of iron and phosphorus, and also boast a high content of unsaturated fatty acids. Pistachios reduce the risk of cholesterol plaque formation and protect the cardiovascular system from atherosclerosis.


Hazelnut. Its advantage lies in the abundance of vitamins B and E: thanks to them, hazelnuts keep blood vessels young and elastic, strengthens the brain, ensures a healthy state and elasticity of the skin.


Cashew. Cashew kernels contain a large amount of L-tryptophan, an amino acid important for mental health. L-tryptophan is converted into several important molecules, including serotonin (a hormone of good mood), melatonin (a hormone - a regulator of daily cycles, which ensures good sleep and falling asleep).


Walnuts. The high level of antioxidants in these nuts makes them excellent fighters against aging, as well as cancerous tumors. Studies show that eating walnuts protects women from developing breast cancer, and men from prostate cancer. In addition, walnuts are very effective in preventing age-related brain degeneration.


Almond. It contains a lot of folic acid, B vitamins and vitamin E, one of the most important antioxidants. The benefits of almonds are noticeable in urolithiasis: it helps the removal of sand from the kidneys. Also, the nut normalizes the functioning of the liver and spleen, removes bile from the body, purifies the blood, has anticonvulsant properties, and reduces susceptibility to stress and insomnia.


Pecan. Pecans are rich in healthy dietary fiber that lowers bad cholesterol in the blood and improves heart and vascular health. These nuts contain oleic acid, which in combination with phenolic antioxidants prevents unwanted oxidation of blood lipids, thereby protecting against coronary artery disease, strokes, coronary artery disease.


Pine nuts. They are distinguished by an extremely high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids, due to which the state of the heart improves. Due to the high content of B-group vitamins and tryptophan, pine nuts help eliminate the effects of fatigue, stress, nervous strain and exhibit other antidepressant effects.


Brazil nut. The main plus is the high level of selenium, a mineral that has established itself as a destroyer of free radicals in the blood. Selenium is also good for increasing testosterone levels, so a Brazil nut is often called "male." Women, using products with selenium, are getting younger: this microelement significantly improves the condition of the skin.


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