460 large families will celebrate housewarming in Grodno this year

460 large families will celebrate housewarming in Grodno this year

New housing for a large family of Andrew and Helen Schumel will be a pleasant gift for the birthday of the youngest child.

Very soon little Misha will be two years old, his older sisters Ksyusha and Yulia are already in anticipation of a new space for noisy and funny games.

Andrei and Elena met at work - in trolleybus management. Soon the couple had a daughter Julia, and after a couple of years, Ksyusha. When Misha was born, the space in a small two-room hostel block became crowded for large family.


The elder Julia already goes to the first class, Ksyusha goes to the kindergarten. The family spends a lot of time together: parents with children are happy to go cycling, go on trips to nature, visit the water park. Real expanse for the children of the grandparents is in the village.

- Misha is our long-awaited son, my husband and I dreamed about the boy for a long time, says Elena. I really wanted to move to a spacious house, but we didn’t even think that it would happen so soon after the birth of a younger one.

The family of Andrey and Elena will receive new housing thanks to subsidies. 95 percent of the cost paid by the state, and new settlers must pay off 5 percent within five years.


A large three-room apartment in Grandichi is already waiting for a young large family. The seven-story building has two porches and forty-eight apartments. In addition to Andrew and Elena Shumel, 7 more large families will receive housing in this house.

- We liked the future housing very much - there is a large storage room, a spacious kitchen and a corridor, now girls can run and play as much as they want, says Elena Shumel. We were given a presentation by representatives of the capital construction management and Grodnozhilstroy OJSC. Together with my husband, we chose wallpaper and interior doors, we were shown what the floor in the apartment would be. When the housing was built, we came to look at our future apartment, soon filed documents for water, electricity and gas.


While Andrei and Elena are looking for furniture in a new apartment, the landscaping of the adjacent territory is underway near their future home. Soon there will be car parks and pedestrian paths, a playground is already being mounted. By the way, the house on Viktor Sayapin Street provides everything for the convenience and safety of residents. There are mobile lifts for people with disabilities in the entrances, there are fire detectors in each apartment, double-glazed windows with child lock.



460 apartments for large families in apartment buildings will be put into operation this year.

- Two houses for 358 apartments allocated for commissioning in 2020.

- Last year 110 of such apartments were built.

-718 rubles are a single limit standard cost per square meter of the total area of residential premises, which was approved by the Council of Ministers. This figure is repelled when calculating the cost of a future home for a large family. This takes into account the presence of its property.
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