A 2 million tourist was met in Mir Castle

A 2 million tourist was met in Mir Castle

A 2 million jubilee tourist was expected in Mir Castle Complex on 18th of May. This is the exact number of guests who have visited the castle since the moment it received the status of independent museum (before that it was the branch of The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus), that is since 2011.

It stands to mention the castle has developed particularly actively as the tourist site since 1992, when the first museum exposition was opened in a south-western tower. In 2000 it was added to Lists of World Heritage Sites.

At that time guests could have witnessed the major reconstruction of one of the most famous and beautiful castles of Europe. Its grand opening was held in December 2010. Since then the flow of tourists has consistently grown. Last year, for example, more than 300 thousand people visited Mir Castle, and one day 110 excursions were done.

The 2 million jubilee tourist was met by a beautiful theatrical show. An unsuspecting man was surrounded by girls in dresses of various epochs. And only after their dance he knew that he became the jubilee guest. The guests of Mir always were met with honors. This man was personally welcomed by Michał Kazimierz Radziwiłł and his wife Franciszka Urszula.


In addition, this is the castle and it can't go without knights. That's why the jubilee tourist – it turned to be Moscow born Leonid Chistyakov – was dressed in 30 kilogram chain armor and 15 kilogram helmet. Leonid made the vow of loyalty and courage on bended knee being transported for a few centuries ago.


The guest has not the only colourful photos to remember this day, but also the diploma of 2 million tourist and gifts from museum. One of these gifts is the most precious: the director of the castle Alexander Lojko presented Leonid a corporate pin. All staff members proudly wear these pins.


-I came to the castle with my nieces. They live in Minsk, says Leonid.  - I came to relatives for holiday. We look at the sights with pleasure. Yesterday we visitied Nesvizh, today we decided to come in Mir. I was very surprised that I appeared to be the 2 million tourist. This is the significant number. Of course, I have heard about Mir castle, but I have never been here. I really like it, this is the beautiful castle. We spend time here with pleasure. I would like to see another sightseeings of Belarus. That's the plan.


As Anastasia, the niece of the jubilee guest, told, she was in Mir Castle long ago, before the opening of the main exposition.
Now impressions are more stronger and more interesting. This castle is worth of seeing. In Grodno region we also would like to visit Navahrudak.


Castle, and to come in Grodno.

Every year the flow of tourists and the popularity of the castle consistently grows, so it means that 3 million guest will be forthcoming.
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