A long-term plan for Grodno city greening is developed

 A long-term plan for Grodno city greening is developed

The rapid development of the city due to new neighborhoods gave rise to the so-called green deficit: for about 7 square meters of green space with a standard of 15 account per inhabitant of Grodno. 

Even today, there is a need for landscaping areas along new roads, in courtyards, and pedestrian zones in new neighborhoods. There are not enough gardens and parks for recreation. This is taken into account in the short-term plan of gardening for 2018-2019 developed by the executive committee. Developing of a long-term plan began until 2030.

By the end of this year, it is planned to add another 1,700 trees and more than 1,500 shrubs to the planted 2,225 trees and 1,443 shrubs. After the repair, the Big John tree transplanting plant of Grodnozelenstroy will be actively used. It can dig out trees with a diameter of up to 18 centimeters of a trunk in the soil frozen to 10 centimeters. A tree with a lump can change in the city and settle well.

In the spring of next year, planting of 1,540 trees and 2,100 shrubs is planned. Much more of them will be planted in the autumn of 2019. Also next year the lawns will be streamlined, especially on the road to Minsk. Green lawns are also provided at the entrance to the new Kolbasinomicrodistrict from the Bruzgi border crossing.


The Grodnozelenstroy enterprise developed the concept of greening the city center with the creation of flower beds with perennials. Also  container gardening is in the development stage at the enterprise. Trees in containers can be installed on engineering networks, it is possible to move them if necessary. Especially container trees will be relevant for the historic part of the city.


Along with planting trees and shrubs in Grodno, they will plant trees and trees in the forest-park zones of the Orshanka, Vishnevets, Grandichi micro-districts and in Rumlevsky Park with all the necessary amenities - lighting, track laying, installation of benches and other small architectural forms.

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