"Alive" den set for Christmas at the Kolozhskaya church

A Christmas nativity scene appeared on the eve of one of the main holidays of Orthodox believers near the St. Boris-Gleb Church. For the first time, the temple became a peculiar holiday decoration of the territory, and its main feature is the “participants” of the miniature live sheep and goats.


-The Nativity Scene reminds parishioners how the birth of the Divine Infant took place, said Alexander Bolonnikov, Archpriest, the head priest of the St. Borys-Gleb Kalozhskaya Church. We often perceive the Nativity of Christ in the splendor of the pre-New Year fuss, forgetting that the Lord was born in a manger - in a cave, where shepherds put the livestock in bad weather. The manger of our “alive” den helps the smallest parishioners to feel the atmosphere that was in the Christmas Bethlehem cave. For young parishioners, Sunday School students were preparing preparing a Christmas theme. After the morning liturgy, it will be held in the home church in honor of the Kolozhskaya icon of the Mother of God.


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