Almost 20 000 people visited InternationalAuto Festival SunDay 2018

The organizers, according to the guests and participants, gathered the best from cars and from entertainment on the site at the old airport in Carolino. Open Air until the morning, the lounge zone, a huge tent city and, of course, the center and foundation of the whole festival: cars and motorcycles.   


According to estimates, 400 cars were assembled at the exhibition part of SunDayin Grodno, where the organizers selected the best and most interesting models of cars. The spread in the years of release, brands, appearance and even upgrades was incredible: from American maslkars and representative "Lincolns" to the ambassadorial "Seagull" and huge rally jeeps, and even new Geely Atlas, which is completely assembled from the children's construction set.

The geography of the participants also expanded: Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and, of course, the whole of Belarus.  


As the organizers emphasize, the most "distant" member of SunDay came from Kramatorsk. This is 1,500 kilometers of track. Not the smallest distance drove the drivers from Kharkov and Odessa, as well as St. Petersburg and Berlin: 1200, 1000 and 880 kilometers respectively.   

Traditionally, SunDay organizers are very attentive to auto clubs, which accumulate around them interested, extremely active and not indifferent drivers. This year the festival gathered representatives of 70 clubs and automobile communities from all over the country.   


On SunDay, by the way, you could not only have a traditional "gasoline" series. The future came to Grodno on electric cars. According to the authors of the car festival, Tesla Model X and Opel Ampera E, rare for Belarus, came from Minsk, and the second is from Berlin. Their owners, already regular guests of the Grodno festival. By the way, Thomas Kalvas, a great ascetic in the field of the popularization of electric cars, gave Grodno several charging stations at the beginning of the year.   


The next international festival SunDay, it seems, will be even more ambitious. You can already begin to wait. The organizers launched a new countdown of the largest autoevent in Belarus.   


Более 400 автомобилей, раритетный Bentley, розыгрыш BMW и электровелосипеда. Самый крупный автофестиваль Беларуси SunDay-2018 стартовал под Гродно
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