Apartment at a reasonable price. How to get rental housing in Grodno

Apartment at a reasonable price. How to get rental housing in Grodno

This March 27 rental apartments have been prepared for distribution.

According to the new edition of the Housing Code of the Republic of Belarus, which entered into force on 1th of January of this year, commercial premises have been transferred to rental residential premises. Every year the Grodno City Executive Committee determines the share of rental housing to provide to citizens. Alexander Khomeny, the head of the department of housing and communal services of the Grodno city executive committee, told how the free rental apartments are distributed.

- We determine the share of the total number of free rental apartments in the following sequence: 10 percent to law enforcement agencies, 30 percent to beneficiaries, the remaining 60 percent go to the waiting lists of the administrations of the Leninsky and Oktyabrsky districts in need of better housing conditions. There are these lists on the website of the city executive committee, and citizens interested in providing rental housing can get all the information there.


According to the latest lists, we look at the website: the monthly fee for waiting lists for using a three-room apartment on Kurchatov street with an area of 66.6 square meters, excluding housing and communal services, is 215 rubles, and in a one-room apartment with stove heating on Krasnopartizanskaya street is about 52 rubles. For each missing type of engineering systems cost reductions can reach 10 percent.

In the city there is a category of people who enjoy the priority right to receive rental housing. Among them are young specialists who received higher education at the expense of the budget and were sent to Grodno by distribution, employees of cultural organizations, trainers of sports schools, professors and teachers, judges and prosecutors, specially invited specialists. For them 30 percent of rental apartments are reserved in the city. Alexander Khomenya emphasizes that, unlike the waiting list, all beneficiaries write statements not in the administration, but in the city executive committee.

From 1st of January 2020, the amount of payment for 1 square meter of rental housing in Grodno on a common basis is 3.24 rubles. But for beneficiaries, a reduction factor of 0.1 is applied to the rent for housing provided, taking into account the composition of the family. Alexander Khomenya makes this calculation: if one person settles in a two-room apartment, then he will be provided with a benefit of 20 square meters, the rest will be provided with an increase factor.


Rental housing in Grodno is in demand. 6-7 applications on average are written for one apartment provided for purchase. This March, 27 rental apartments have been prepared for distribution. More demanded apartments are of smaller living space, especially those located in the city center. Up to ten or more people can apply for them.


As of March 2020, there are more than 2,900 rental apartments in Grodno. All official and public housing, whose owners could not or did not manage to privatize it during 2016, passed into this category.

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