Beer-marathon wiil be held on Augustow Canal

Beer-marathon wiil be held on Augustow Canal

Unusual competitions - Beer starts on the "Beer Mile" will be held in the Dombrovka area of the Augustow Canal on June 3. By the way, the holiday quest will have an age limit of 18+. The competitions will be part of the August Mixed Festival, which will continue the rich first weekend of the summer. Saturated, because Grodno will meet the festival of national cultures.

Organizers promise obstacles with a national touch, cheerful mood, unforgettable impressions and dizzying results.

Scandinavians came up with a special walk, the Germans - Oktoberfest, and Grodno decided to combine all this and generously season with national color. What happened? Unusual competitions in athletic walking. The distance is a mile. Who does not know is 1600 meters.

The epithet "unusual" competitions deserved for several reasons. They immediately abandoned the sticks, because the task - to go, "fun shaking his hips." If you do not know how it is, do not despair, everyone will learn and explain everything.

In the course of overcoming the route there are several obstacles, a kind of pit stops. Going will be met by girls in national costumes, treating them with beer from different countries.

Winners at the finish will be determined in several nominations, from "the funniest" participant to "the fastest".

The events on the Augustow channel will begin at 13.00 on June 3.

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