GAI told what changes await drivers this year

GAI told what changes await drivers this year

About violators, malicious violators and not such

GAI changes approaches to punishment of road users. But it is too early for malicious violators to rejoice ...

Will mobile cameras for photo recording of speeding violations return to the roads and will a point system be introduced for violators? Dmitry Korzyuk, the head of the UGAI of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, answered these and other questions of journalists.

About violators, malicious violators and not such

The journalists are especially interested in the topic of the work of the traffic police. Not so long ago, the Minister of Internal Affairs, after a meeting with the President at which the administrative code and the practice of its application were discussed, ordered a differentiated approach to violators of traffic rules. What does this mean and how will it be implemented? Dmitry Korzyuk told reporters that inspectors will respond in the same way to violations by drivers as they did before. They will not remain without attention. But the approach to punishment will be different. “The issue of a differentiated approach will be applied only in terms of the punishment for the offense. And if we see that with the person who first violated, it is enough to conduct a preventive conversation and he will conclude and will not do this again, we will do it and let him go without bringing to administrative responsibility,”- at the same time, the head of the traffic police clarified that if the accident analysis shows a downward trend among drivers, the traffic police will immediately respond to this. So far, he said, there is no reason for excitement. In addition, there is a group of road users who can hardly be convinced by talking: “This group, about 8 thousand people, is under our control. They violate traffic rules regularly, including some 100 or more times a year.” The traffic police will shift its attention to the prevention of violations by these most undisciplined drivers. 

About cameras on the road

Mobile sensors for recording violations of the high-speed regime, which recently disappeared from the roads, will return before the New Year. According to Dmitry Korzyuk, the decision to remove the devices was made after a detailed analysis of their location. He recalled that today in the country there are 540 speed sensors, of which 57 are mobile. Every month they change locations, but some remain in the same places: “Now we have come to this issue in more detail. I can say that in the near future speed sensors will appear again, since their need is obvious to everyone.” The sensor installation locations will now be determined differently: the number of, as the police colonel said, “speed-dependent” road accidents on the road section, and not all road accidents, will be taken into account first of all. That is, the sensors will be installed where accidents have previously occurred due to a speed violation, and not any accidents.

When will video cameras of traffic violations appear on the roads? They have been working long in different cities of the world. According to the head of the UGAI, the new edition of the administrative code may include provisions that establish liability for violations recorded in this way. After such cameras will appear in Belarus: “It is expected that they will be able to record several violations simultaneously. It is worth noting that they will be located where they are really necessary based on an analysis of the road situation. ”

Bad Behavior Points

Answering a question about when a point system will be introduced in the country, providing for accrual of points for traffic violations, Korzyuk said that this idea has found support and will be considered during the discussion of changes in administrative legislation. The head of the UGAI recalled that in countries where such a system is used, 26 percent of drivers refused to commit an offense, thereby significantly affecting the overall level of road safety. Dmitry Korzyuk also said that the traffic police made some changes to the previously proposed option. So, from the list of violations that will go to the points, it is planned to exclude those that are recorded in automatic mode.


This year, 45 people died less on the country's roads than in the past. According to Dmitry Korzyuk, the head of the UGAI, the decrease in the number of dead and injured has been decreasing for the past ten years. Positive results have helped to achieve constant monitoring and analysis of all factors that affect road safety.

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