Greenhouses and business projects. Why pupils studyarts and crafts in schools?

Greenhouses and business projects. Why pupils studyarts and crafts in schools?

Half a hectare of gardens, huge greenhouses, school workshops - work is in full swing everywhere.

The business company “Khozyayeva” was established in the Khviewicz secondary school of the Dyatlovsky district, and it is operating successfully.


Externally, the school is similar to other typical schools built in the mid-seventies, but with one important difference. Khviniewicz has its own strategy: a reliance on labor training and health-saving technologies. Pupils grow and sell tomato seedlings, flowers, onions, beans, sew linens, tablecloths and napkins for the kindergarten, the local economy, the inhabitants of the agro-town. Moreover, not only in school time - during the holidays, too. It is business project in actual implementation life and dividends.


 -This project allows us to successfully engage in extrabudgetary activities, children earn money, learn to run business, prepare for future adult life,says Zhanna Budevich, the deputy director for educational work.

 Bedding sets and towels from young seamstresses are now in almost every home of an agro-town. They are cheaper, and in quality they are not inferior to the factory ones. The secret is in fabrics - the school buys them in Belarusian factories during discounts.


Somehow people came to school from neighboring Poland. They sincerely surprised at the skill of young seamstresses and, bought up all the sets of bed linen, like hot cakes.

  Another school diversification format is school greenhouses.

 -Spring is the most troublesome time for young vegetable growers and flower growers, says Inna Orsik, the school principal. The work in greenhouses is already in full swing, which helps us to repair the base enterprise of the KPUE “Khvenevichi”. They sowed seeds of tomatoes and various flowers for seedlings. We want to update and improve the landscape design of school grounds in the anniversary year for the country. As usual, we plan to grow and implement a lot of tomato seedlings and flowers, green onions in large quantities for their countrymen.


 The lessons of arts and crafts are the “chips” of Yodkovsk secondary school of the Lida region.

 An excellent material and technical base: wonderful classrooms, workshops, a canteen, a museum, a sports and fitness room — everything helps the rural children to get out of the school not only educated, but also perfectly prepared for adult life. It is not surprising that in the rating of educational institutions of the region among rural schools Yodkovskaya is among the top three.

 -Labor training is one of the important factors in educating the individual, stresses Anzhelika Markevich, the director of the educational institution. For ten years it has been one of the priorities in our school. Every year we take prize places in the olympiad movement on labor training, and our graduates leave the walls of the school excellent mistresses and masters with the necessary skills for life.

 The boys are engaged in technical creativity, carpentry and plumbing under the guidance of Vladimir Vasko, the teacher of arts and crafts, is a true artist who has been working in an educational institution for twenty-five years. Boxes and furniture, kitchen utensils and a sophisticated pit, a carved mill and chess and a lot of things are born on the unique equipment purchased at the expense of budget funds and in the hands of talented children.


 Young men are graduated from the Yodkovskya school not only with certificates of maturity, but literally with golden hands: they will be able to nail, tie, grind, glue, fix. A wonderful groundwork for adulthood.

  At this time, girls sew on sewing machines and learn cookingunder the guidance of Teresa Buturli, the teacher. There are flavors of dishes from young chefs in the well-equipped office. Girls from the fifth to the ninth class are happy to learn the basics and secrets of cooking, Belarusian national cuisine, they even learn how to roll up for the winter, bake "snacks" and create comfort.


 Yodkovskiepupils, who have been accustomed to work since childhood, are happy to engage in landscape design, decorate the school grounds with taste and soul. It is impossible to walk past the school in the warm season without admiring the beauty of the flower beds. Young naturalists invariably come into the top three in the region and the republic in the competition of landscape design and gardening.


 Understanding that new types of thinking are forming in labor, the child gains skills of work, communication, cooperation, which improves his adaptation in society, teachers do everything to make his work activity an absolute need for children and adolescents.

 Written by Alla BIBIKOVA, Photoswere made by author and taken from school archives

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