Public catering went online. How do delivery services work in Grodno?

Public catering went online. How do delivery services work in Grodno?

“Stay at home” is a short sentence, which turned out to be at the center of the current situation not only in the country, but also in the world. Doctors ask not to leave home without urgent need, to avoid mass crowds. And they follow the advice of specialists: shopping centers no longer have the usual crowds of buyers, and online delivery services operate in an enhanced mode. They mastered departures and cafes, restaurants, bars that had not previously been engaged in home delivery. All for the safety and convenience of customers. How institutions work in Grodno today and how they try to be closer to customers.


The online trading association reports that the demand for “door-to-door delivery” has increased, and couriers have been working intensely in recent weeks. For example, the company the number of orders increased by 30 percent, three times more users became at the online stores "E-delivery" and "HyperMall." If the buyer wants, the courier makes contactless delivery - payment takes place on the Internet, everything is strictly at a distance of two meters.

- Non-cash payments increased significantly, and many online stores canceled shipping fees. The amount of work has increased, but we are doing everything possible so that consumers do not feel discomfort and receive their orders promptly. Naturally, in a short time we will not be able to replace all offline stores at once, but for now we are doing it on our own, said Arthur Karpovich, director of the online trade association.

But not only large-scale online stores and delivery services offer services on the Internet. Many Grodno institutions that previously did not deliver anything are now ready to deliver their products. So, in the cafe "Jezva" even your coffee can be obtained without contact.


- Yes, in the current epidemic we have to adapt, look for new ways to preserve our clientele. One of them is to deliver the order to the specified address. So far we have a few of such clients. But if a person calls and asks to deliver, we will bring. We can pay using the ERIP system. So the delivery can be contactless. Soon it will be possible to order not only ready-made drinks, but also coffee beans. Another move to protect customers and not create a massive crowd is to reorient the menu. We are expanding the take-away product range, said Pavel, the owner of the establishment.

наша кава дмитрий.jpg

The founder of the places "Sprava" and "Nasha Cava" Dmitry also noted that they are ready to deliver the order to customers. By the way, the private sector of the economy not only actively focuses on marketing, but also proceeds from social responsibility. If you came to Nasha Cava yourself and took something away, then 20% of the amount will go to purchase personal protective equipment for doctors.

- Our customers support us, they come. But we understand that in the current conditions it is necessary to adapt to the situation. Yes, our drinks and food are more intended for establishments, not takeaways, we don’t mind delivering an order, said Dmitry.


The owner of two Grodno institutions: “Big Buffet” and “Hani Kabani” Stanislav tells about the work on delivery of orders. In a pandemic, institutions are looking for new forms of customer service.


- On the one hand, it’s nice that people listen to the advice of doctors and try not to be in crowded places once again. But on the other hand, it has become more difficult for the city’s institutions. But a way out can always be found. For example, in “Hani Kabani” we organized the delivery on our own, the orders from us are delivered by waiters and administrators. Thus, they saved jobs, and customers can not change their habits. Couriers are busy all day. And in the "Big Buffet" the delivery of lunches was organized. If earlier people came by themselves, now we are going to them. Both organizations and individuals order lunches, for example, often parents for children. Now we also work in the cafe not only through aggregators, but we also organized our own delivery, and we have the most interesting offers for it, said Stanislav.

The transition to delivery was also to the liking of employees who were previously in other positions. Before the situation with the coronavirus, Anton was the administrator, but when he saw that the townspeople had conscientiously reacted to the request of the doctors to stay at home, he gladly agreed to deliver the orders. All safety precautions: gloves, masks, antiseptics, distance. Contacts are minimized. And couriers always measure the temperature.


- At first I worked alone, but then there were more and more orders, and there were two of us. For a month of this regime, regular customers have already appeared. It’s nice when they thank you for the opportunity to order our food directly, and they often say thank you for observing the safety precautions. Employment is high, we don’t sit idle, especially on weekends, said Anton.

Delivery appeared at two Grodno pie cakes; a meat set from the Golden Calf will be brought free of charge on Thursdays. And in “FOX Pizza” there is a special promotional code for relying on bonuses.


In this difficult time, everyone rallies and supports each other, looking for new solutions. It's nice that everyone thinks not only about themselves. Some institutions and companies of the city transfer money to charity accounts. Large factories and enterprises will reorient production to help provide physicians and the public with protective equipment. Charity events such as the #ThankyoutotheMedicines marathon are also taking place. Owners of institutions always remember that customer safety is the main thing. Therefore, couriers follow all safety measures, some are ready to deliver the order contactlessly. It is hoped that soon everything will return to normal and life will return to its previous course.

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