The birthday of the royal city. Grodno celebrates 890th anniversary

The birthday of Grodno was decided to start without congratulatory speeches and official openings. A festive ribbon with a magnificent bow appeared on the Sovietskaya street and guards-knights guarded it, when the central streets were filled with residents, guests of the city and craftsmen.


The magnificent bow, on which symbolically the "golden" congratulations to the "birthday boy" sparkled, unleashed the mayor, an equally colorful hero, under untiring supervision of medieval guards. He also invited the citizens to an unusual promenade through the centuries into the history of Grodno. Vladimir Kravtsov, the chairman of the regional executive committee, Ivan Zhuk, the first deputy chairman of the regional executive committee, Viktor Liskovich, the deputy chairman of the regional executive committee, Mieczyslaw Goy, the chairman of the city executive committee, and other famous Grodno residents and guests of the city were the honorable guests of the theatrical performance.

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The history of Grodno is written day after day, and on the site of the Grodno archivist in symbolic scrolls, the custodians and witnesses of today's days, the first to leave records were Vladimir Kravtsov, the governor, and Mieczyslaw Goy, the mayor.

- At different times, many people have written their names in the chronicle of Grodno. Their photographs adorn the central axis of the towering city above Neman, began the mayor to tell the narrative, pointing to the unusual alley of glory.

Here the mayor invited everyone to take a tour, it is an immersive street performance, of which all passers-by involuntarily became, leaving notes in the chronicle, on the wall with the image of Grodno, meeting with the archivists, attending a music lesson from Sarah Abramovna, the modest teacher, and becoming a witness of knighthood a duel, where the prize is the attention and favor of the beautiful lady. All this is part of the history of Grodno, the daily life of its inhabitants during the most different periods of its 890th anniversary. That story, which on City Day can not only be heard, but also seen, because it literally comes to life in the streets.

-The immersive performance, this is what our festival on Sovetskaya street is called today, explained Agata Motsko, the main director of the holiday. It's fashionable in Europe, Moscow, and for the first time in Grodno and Belarus. But this is very interesting: the viewer is immersed in a given atmosphere, historical events. All scenes are repeated throughout the day, without having a beginning or ending.

During the day, the mayor will conduct such excursions. And you can see individual scenes from the life of Grodno at any moment. And even participate in some of them. For example, you can together with the archivists write the chronicle of Grodno, capturing events related to its 890th anniversary, or writing wishes to the city. By the way, already in the first minutesthere were records in the chronicles not only in Belarusian and Russian, but also in foreign languages.

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- We wish you all the best. To our city to prosper, and it appeared more interesting in terms of creativity, new art objects, said Natalia Venskaya, who, along with her daughter, Eva also left a record in the chronicles. It's a good idea to tell the history of the city through such small platforms with some episodes. Now there are many tourists, and they are also interested.

By the way, many guests did not even suspect that they became part of the immersive performance. They simply enjoyed the atmosphere that prevails in the city. Moreover, many have become accustomed to the fact that holidays in Grodno are an opportunity to see and participate.

- Almost all the events that take place in the city, try to do so that the viewer not only watched, but took part in the action. This is how you can be interested. And it's great. After all it is pleasant to inhabitants, involves visitors and goes only on advantage to a city, noted the archivist.

You could leave a wish or write a declaration of love to Grodno on the wall with views of Grodno. Alena Lanskaya, the honored artist of Belarus, sincerely confessed: "Grodno! I fell in love with you!"

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- Of course, we, the artists, travel a lot around the country. But I, for example, always mentally focused on the event in which I participate. In Grodno, too, it was, but for the first time I have the opportunity to just walk and get to know the culture, architecture of Grodno. And I want to say that last night I had a great pleasure when I was just walking along the central street. Somewhere inside I felt in the center of Europe. This is an amazing feeling of comfort, inner freedom. Today I wanted to come here again. I sincerely want to say that I fell in love with Grodno. And when I suddenly want to change the situation, the mood and get a little inspiration, I'll definitely come to Grodno. There is a completely different atmosphere and atmosphere. For me Grodno is the discovery of my country and a special inspiration. In the evening I once again confess my love to the city of Grodno from the stage in the framework of the projects of the Eurovision participants.

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Following the melody of the saxophone performed by Julia Omelchenko, the head of the variety-symphony orchestra of Nota Band , the guests found themselves in another center-keeper of history. Telling the truth, not only of Grodno history, but the brightest and most diverse of its festive component. Of course, this is the cultural center "Festival", which literally in all its colors tells about the Republican festival of national cultures from the beginning of its conduct and not only.

By the anniversary date several new exhibitions have opened here at once - one tells about the city through a photo, and another - with the help of dolls and picture-windows in history. One of the first townspeople saw here a new book by Victor Sayapin "History of streets and squares", which was published on the eve of the holiday.


-This is a kind of tribute to the memory of the author, immensely in love with his city, said Alexander Ryzhy, the editor of the publication, But this is not a point at all, but only a comma in the publication of historical essays created by Viktor Sayapin.

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New "stars" flashed on the film screen at the youth center "Grodno" for the holiday. On the film history of the Belarusian Hollywood, guests and residents of the regional center from this day remind the symbolic plates "My name is Harlequin" and "Cooperative "Politburo", or Will be a long farewell." The first tape was filmed in Grodno in 1988, the second was supplemented by the archive of Belarusian cinema in 1992. About the shooting of the last movie, incidentally, in the park named after Zhiliber is already telling an interesting film object - a forged director's chair and a soffit.


Well, following after the governor the guests involuntarily found themselves in the music lesson, which was given directly by Sarah Abramovna, the teacher, directly from the balcony, and they witnessed the spiritual knightly impulse - serenades under the window of the lady of the heart.


Before the eyes of passers-by in the interior-designed workshop, the costume tailor worked without distraction, and a noisy crier with a mail bag handed passers-by with Gazeta Grodzenska - in fact, a retro program of festive events. And all this is part of the literally revived for the time of the history of Grodno in various periods.

The walk in the company of the mayor was already over in Sovetskaya Square. And to be more precise, in the most "friendly" point of the regional center - the globe with the names of twin cities over the Neman. And it is not by chance that an unusual loaf made up of more than a dozen small objects added to the new art object. As organizers assure, the bakery symbols of hospitality will soon go on trips. Where? Of course, in the friendly city of Grodno.

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