Bus stops with free Wi-Fi to appear in Lida

Bus stops with free Wi-Fi to appear in Lida

Tourists have always been interested in Lida. So that guests do not fall out of virtual life, they can tell their friends and relatives about our region, as they say, “off the bat” and do not spend money on buying a SIM card, three pavilions with free Internet access will appear in the city center. This initiative belongs to Sergei Lozhechnik, the chairman of the regional executive committee, and will be implemented within the framework of the Smart City project, writes Lida Gazeta.

We have already passed from words to deeds. First, a like-minded partner was found. This is "Spartak", one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in Belarus. The pavilions of the new generation will not only be stylized in the traditions of the factory, but will also be equipped with a brand store, in addition to function as a bus stop. Secondly, the places of "registration" are at the stage of approval. It is already certain that one of the sites will be a stopping point along Pobeda Avenue (near the tax office). At the same time, the popular stop with an umbrella will not disappear from the face of the city, but will "move" to another place. The second point is the site near the Yubileiny cinema. where the third pavilion will receive "registration" is still being decided. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments on the website of the newspaper, all will certainly be submitted to the head of the region and specialists of the relevant services


- We are always glad to partnership, new projects, but on condition that this cooperation will benefit the city, its residents and guests. That is why the pavilions will also serve as bus stops. As we know, public transport does not stop near Yubileiny, but this is the center of the city, and there is a lot of traffic here, so this place was submitted for consideration. The design of the pavilion complex will include a trade pavilion of a confectionery factory with a canopy and equipped seating areas for passengers waiting for transport or those who just sat down to rest, as well as an additional module. The opening of Spartak branded sections also implies the creation of new jobs. There will be thirteen of them, - said Igor Kvasovka, first deputy chairman of the Lida regional executive committee.

The exact date of the installation of modern pavilions with free Internet access has not yet been announced. But, keeping the intrigue, they assure: it will happen just about.

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