The cabriolet from "Operation" Y "will come in Grodno

A motor-wheelcar, similar to the one on which the Morgunov character traveled in the film "Operation Y", or Other Adventures of Shurik", was restored in Grodno Autorеtroclub "Vintage".

This film by Leonid Gaidai was released on the screens of the USSR in 1965. Remember the scene from the third story of a famous movie? Some man cannot leave the market because of the miniature car of the trio blocking the road - Byvaliy, Trus and Balbes. In the end, he screams hysterically: - Where is this damn disabled?

-“Don't make noise, I am disabled,” replies the huge Morgunov and easily turns the 420-pound baby 180 degrees, then the trio of villains sits in the “invalid” and rolls over the case.


Such a vehicle cannot be called a car for one simple reason - it’s just the SZA motor car. These motorized carriages with engines from the IL motorcycle were mastered by the Serpukhov mechanical plant in the 50s of the last century. In the people they were called "disabled women", and after the popular movie was released on screens - "Morgunov's invalidka". After the war, there were a lot of people in the country who were crippled by the war. Therefore, at the highest level, it was decided to launch the production of wheelchairs for people with disabilities and they were given free of charge for a period of 5 years, then changed to new ones.

-This is a very imperfect construction, says Sergey Mukasey, head of the cultural and historical autoretroclub club “Vintage”. Its first copies, and about two thousand of them were released in the USSR, were three-wheeled and were often overturned on turns. Therefore, the new models have become four-wheel with a folding canvas roof, like a convertible. Our model, which we are restoring, was released in 1958. It was found it on the territory of a private enterprise in Auls, half rotten, ingrown wheels in the ground. In Grodno there were only a few such “handicapped people”.


The restoration began with a complete disassembly of the motor-car. Then workers estimated the volume and complexity of the work. The search of tin and materials began. Fortunately, the wheels to the "morgunovka" fit from agricultural machinery produced in the Altai plant. The engine also will not bring problems, there are still copies of IL motorcycles in the city. All its management on the cables, which also complicates the task.

Today the restoration of a mini-cabriolet in full swing. According to Sergey Mukasey, already on the eve of the New Year, the “morgunovka” will go to the streets of Grodno with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. They plan to make this rare copy of a hybrid of automobiles in the club one of the foreseeable exhibits for the future of autreutral museum, the place for which is being looked for in Grodno. In "Vintage" people also hope for sponsors, with the help of which the museum can appear much faster.
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