The painting of the walls of the Volovichi Palace will be restored and a photo exposition will be opened in Svyatsk

The painting of the walls of the Volovichi Palace will be restored and a photo exposition will be opened in Svyatsk

Current restoration issues were discussed during the meeting.

Sergei Sheremetyev, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, familiarized himself with the progress of work on historical and cultural sites restored in Grodno and the Grodno district. The working meeting was held with the participation of Vladimir Deshko, the Deputy Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee, Elena Klimovich, the Head of the Culture Department of the Regional Executive Committee representatives of construction and design organizations.

-The reconstruction of several iconic historical sites continues on the territory of the Grodno region, the palace and park ensemble in Sviatsk are among them, Old Castle in Grodno, said Sergey Sheremetyev. All of us today are witnesses of a large-scale reconstruction of the historical heritage of the region. And since our descendants are to evaluate today's work, the key rule at each stage of work here is to do no harm.


The first point of the visit was the palace and park ensemble in Sviatsk. Restoration work here began in 2017, and since then it has noticeably changed. Since last year, the renovated buildings of the outbuildings are reddening with tiled roofs from the last year, and today the roofing structure also goes in the central part of the palace. The main entrance to the Volovichi estate is also being transformed - gentle carriage slopes are restored on both sides of the wide staircase, which will also be renewed.


During the meeting, current restoration issues were discussed. It has been repeatedly noted that the object today is of interest to tourists. The congress from the “August” highway to the palace and park ensemble is asphalted and plans for the future are to complete the main works on the perimeter of the palace, to proceed to the improvement of the adjacent territory.

- We plan to open a temporary museum exhibition based on photographic materials. A temporary exhibition in the left wing of the complex will be telling guests about the history of the palace and its historical owners, Volovichi, which, according to the project, will function as a hotel, said Elena Klimovich.


Upon completion of the restoration work, the central part of the palace will literally tell its stories from the very doorstep. Right at the main staircase that leads to the second floor, while examining the layers of plaster, fragments of historical wall painting were uncovered. Already today, the image of a knight, in whose hands a shield is clearly visible. In the future, painting will be restored, but it is possible to start such works when the building of the palace becomes “hermetic” - the roofing works will be completed and windows will appear. Similarly, after many years, the second breath will receive a painting of the romantic hall with the image of the sky on the ceiling and landscape sketches on the walls and not only.


The Deputy Minister of Culture got acquainted and with the way the work is going near the walls of the Old Castle. Next to the gallery is the construction of the “Kamenitsa” and the middle tower, and the walls of the premises, the so-called entrance group - the entrance arch and the gallery next to it, are already decorated with stone trim. Since last year it has been manufactured at the Grodno stone processing plant.

- We live in a country with a rich historical heritage. The residents of Grodno were especially lucky - this is where the only Belarusian royal castle of Stefan Batory is located. After reconstruction, this object will contribute to the growth of tourist flows, and this is important to consider when planning further work today, added the Deputy Minister of Culture.


A real center of attraction for guests in the near future in Grodno will be another object, but not historical, but rather super modern. This summer the oblast philharmonic building will be put into operation, the renovation of which was funded from the regional budget. The new hall in the regional philharmonic society, designed for 1.2 thousand spectators, will be the most capacious venue in the region. According to the Deputy Minister of Culture of Belarus, modern audio, video and projection equipment will significantly expand the possibilities of artists and scriptwriters of festive events here.


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